Accelerate your growth with exceptional Customer Experience

The best way to accelerate your business growth is by enhancing a customer experience. We help in making the process simple and easy for any business to achieve great customer experience, help you make your customers happy, increase your sales and conversions.

Expertise - CX

The team of Efabrika CX is made up of a group of experts with extensive experience in the digital marketing industry.


Analyze - Customer Perspective

We become your customer and analyze your business

Onboarding, Purchasing and subscription, Support and education, Cancellation


Analyze - Business Perspective

And then we analyze your business as an insider

Goals, Visitor Data, Audience, User Behavior, Conversion and Churn Rates, Support Trends and Cost, CSAT


Redesign the process

We help you design the whole journey over based on the analysis. From the beginning to the end.

The Exceptional Customer Experience


Re-analyze and Optimize

We analyze the whole process and the captured data every month and optimize the processes until it meets the KPIs.

Making sure to keep your customers happy

The right customer experience can make the difference between keeping your customers and losing them to your competition. To get the edge, you need to plan ahead and think strategically.


We’ll be aiming to convert more customers in shorter times


Turning them into not just customers but happy customers through fanatical customer service and education


Decreased churn rates, increased MRRs, lower sales and support costs.

Who - we worked with?

Over the years, we have partnered with the world's leading companies to help them to achieve their dreams. We are here to help you to find solutions in your digital journey.

Why not - say hello.

Whatever your need, we would love to talk to you about it.

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