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Whether it's a website or a custom set of APIs, our team is ready to build working products for your business needs. Our team of experts are ready to deliver.

Expertise - Development Team


Architecture Design

We work closely with the product, UX and CX teams, collect all the requirements and feature sets to analyze them considering your objectives, and design a scalable architecture. We like microservices, cloud operations and high available APIs.

RESTful API GraphQL MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL WebRTC Elastic Search AWS DigitalOcean Docker Kubernetes RabbitMQ Redis


Backend Development

We build your backend based on the architecture. Providing the right APIs and Dashboards for your client apps is what we do. Backend development for POS terminals, Kiosks, IOT Devices, Mobile & Desktop Apps, Websites and Web Applications you name it, we build it.

RESTful API GraphQL NodeJS Python Strapi ApostropheCMS Ghost Custom CMS Headless CMS Directus TypeScript Firebase


Frontend Development

With a profound passion for design and a wealth of knowledge on the subject, we build human centric frontend solutions for either stand-alone or backend apps. We make sure your website gets A grade.

HTML CSS Javascript Vue React Angular Webpack Gulp Sass SSR SSG TypeScript Handlebars Storybook Next Sketch Figma Webflow Ghost



All the parts we build needs to be maintainable and well documented. We develop our software and architectures for tomorrow. Therefor it's all maintainable by either us or any other team. We keep analyzing and optimizing after we deliver, to make sure your business reaches its goal.

Git CI/CD Ubuntu Linux Docker Kubernetes AWS GCP Devops

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